READERS are 'devastated' for youngsters after Barrow AFC allegedly reneged on promises for an under-18 academy to be established for next season.

Parents and youngsters were aware that the scholarships were to be awarded on the condition that Barrow stayed in League Two, which they did narrowly achieve.

However, young players have now been left in limbo as it has been revealed the academy will now be 'deferred', meaning that young players who had accepted Barrow offers, turning down other clubs, are now left with no academy for the coming season.

Kevin Fisher said: "Barrow needs these players of the future but looks like the board aren't interested in the future."

Trevor Dickinson said: "Despicable decision by the Barrow board.

"These young players dream of being footballers, they train and play the sport for nothing. I for one don't want to be associated with an organisation that pull tricks on people's lives like this, they do not deserve the support of the community, and let's be honest, they get shed loads of that if the team plays well good, bad, or indifferent."

Davy Jones said: "I too had a child in last year's group that was also axed in similar circumstances. He played for the Performance Centre for years, trained hard, ate right, paid attention in sessions, we paid our subs on time and regularly all for them to be dropped at a moment's notice.

"I'm keen to know the reasons from the club about this decision but would find it very difficult to trust them now with anything, let alone the development of any future children. All those parents with children in younger age groups should find new places for them to play as soon as possible."

Furness Abbot said: "Youth development is a key to future success and nurture local talent. U-turn this ASAP."