'A DREAM come true' - Those are the words of Barrow Raiders' new signing Sam Dowsett who has wanted to play for his hometown club for years.

When he is not playing rugby the former Whitehaven man is a hot tub maintenance worker mainly based in Bowness and he decided that he was going to go back into the amateur side of the game for a better work life balance before Raiders' director of rugby Andy Gaffney came knocking.

"It has been a lifelong dream for me really," the hooker said.

"I have always wanted to come to my local team as I grew up watching Raiders and was even a ball boy at Barrow.

"When the offer came, for which I am really grateful to Andy Gaffney for all the work he put into, I was really excited, and it was a dream come true.

"My dad is a big rugby fan and my grandad always wanted me to for them as well. He used to say, 'you want to get yourself down to Barrow' so I have asked if I can have the squad number of 39 in memory of him as it was the year he was born, and the club have granted that wish."

Dowsett has already helped one team reach League One success and is hoping to do the same with Barrow this season and is excited to get the backing of the infamous passion of the Barrow crowd.

"When I played for Whitehaven against Barrow here, it was a tough time given I am from the area playing for a different team," the Askam resident said.

"So, I am really excited to get out there and have them behind me during the games."

Barrow's other key signing announced on Monday was that of Hakim Miloudi who has also experienced Barrow's crowd, which was a big reason for him putting pen to paper.

The former Toronto Wolfpack and Hull FC utility back has recently moved to the area and is staying with teammates but said he is hoping to bring some 'French flair' to Barrow.

READY: Hakim Miloudi

READY: Hakim Miloudi

"I am really looking forward to getting started and I cannot wait to wear the Barrow colours," Miloudi said.

"When I played against Barrow with Toronto Wolfpack in Doncaster, I remember the Barrow fans were there and the atmosphere was crazy, so it will be great to have them behind me rather than against me now.

"When I was speaking to my manager about where I could go, he mentioned Barrow and I remembered that game and how the players, who we should have beaten on paper, gave everything they had and that is something I really admired about them and it is something I always do when I am on the pitch. So, let's go and win this first home game!"