ULVERSTON entertained Bury in their first league game of the season at Dragley Beck.

Weather conditions swaying towards the old winter rugby days favouring the big pack of Broncos. Both teams going to battle with strong running and hard-hitting tackles.

The Broncos opened up the scoring with a right side shift scoring in the corner. Conversion added 0-6.

Ulverston raised the tempo of the game with vigorous runs by Lez Saunders and Matty Storey.

Ulverston capitalised on the sluggish defenders when Marc Storey whipped a cut out pass to Matt Dean who rounded his opposite to dive over for 4 points. Connor Saunders adding the 2.

Within minutes, Ulverston were back in Bury’s danger zone with continued pressure. Marc Storey's neat chip kick found winger Matt Dean, who leaped up and tapped it back for Ste O’Connor to jinx in and score.

Saunders good for the 2. 12-6.

Ulverston would go in again when skipper Matt Storey crashed over. This try coming off Connor Saunders' half break and quick play. Saunders added the 2. 18-6.

Bury would fire back with some fresh rotations off the bench. Direct runs and an unlucky slip from a Ulverston’s defender saw them go in for a try which was a run against play. Goal converted. 18-12

Broncos scored again before half time as the momentum shifted. HT 18-16.

Second half kicked off and Bury started the stronger team with most of the possession of the second half.

Daft penalties and silly errors saw Ulverston’s defend for long periods without the ball.

Bury applying pressure across the pitch but Ulverston’s defensive efforts were second to none. Dan Johnson, Mark Wilkinson and Joe Akrigg holding strong on the left edge numerous times.

Broncos had a chance to level the game with a penalty kick from close range but fell short. The Ulverston’s lads dug deep for the final 10 minutes and were rewarded with the Dub and first league win. 18-16 final score.

Outstanding efforts on second half defence. Grit and determination right up until the whistle went.

Tries came from Matt Dean, Stevo O’Connor, and Matt Storey, and three of three goals came from Connor Saunders.