BARROW Raiders community team have launched a new session to help children with less confidence to get involved with sport.

The Advantage! team said these new Raiders Braves’ session are specifically designed for boys who are not connected with a community rugby club, who may lack confidence and who may even struggle with an overly competitive, noisy, and physical environment due to a variety of reasons, but who may enjoy rugby and want a chance to develop and have fun.

Siona Hartley, Barrow Raiders community foundation manager, said: “The first session went really well.

“Our aim is to effectively target the boys who need this kind of environment the most.

“Tee Ritson and Callum Bustin who are running the sessions strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment, where boys can express themselves, make new friends, develop their basic skills as well as agility, balance and coordination through challenges and fun games.

“The aim is, to show boys and their parents/carers the pathways and contacts of local community clubs, if they get to a point where they feel ready to move on. If they don’t, we will continue to provide a ‘home’ for boys to turn up and have fun.

“Boost Charitable Trust have shown faith in us to start and deliver this particular project, and the overall Advantage! Programme has received support from BAE, Sir John Fisher Foundation and Cumbria Community Foundation.

“We are also doing this kind of thing for girls rugby but are soon to start with a weekly dodgeball club.”

Callum Bustin, one of the stars from Barrow Raiders is running the session, said what makes this special for him and fellow player Tee Ritson is that they are helping those with less confidence enjoy the game they love.

“It is nice as that confidence factor is how we lose people from coming into the game,” Bustin said.

“It is good we are that small step between trying it at school and a community club for them.

"If they enjoy it and want to come back each week, that is all me and Tee could ask for.”

The session takes place every Thursday at Matt Johnson Prestige Stadium 5.30-6.30pm, each week, and is free thanks to support from the Boost Charitable Trust.