Plans for a European Super League have been slammed by the Bluebirds Trust.

Steve Herbert, chairman of the trust, said he was disgusted by the 12 founding clubs of the new Super League and believes it goes against the fabric of the sport.

He said: “Any Supporters Trust around the globe will be against this dreadful idea, which is entirely based on self-interest and greed.

“As our manager Rob Kelly says, football is a simple game about players and supporters and that’s as it should be.

“This Super League has nothing to do with either.

“In my opinion, we are too far down the road of money being the root of everything in football but even for those who profit from the Premier League this is a step way too far to stomach.

“One of the reasons going to Barrow is great is it’s not like that.

“But, equally, the essence of football is that Barrow can still dream to compete with bigger sides, can dream of progressing.

“This Super League goes against that basic fundamental principle."

The proposed league has been met with criticism from fans, pundits, players and managers alike.

With opposition to the plans remaining high, Mr Herbert has now called for fans to boycott the Super League clubs.

He argued: “The way to combat this is to follow the money, if you stop contributing to these multinationals and oligarchs who control these clubs by not buying season tickets, TV subscriptions or shirts.

“If you highlight the banks and institutions that finance these power grabs and drag them unwillingly into the light, then you start to reclaim the game for ordinary fans.”