READERS have had their say on a ‘European Super League’.

Reporting on the reasons why a European Super League would be great for football, sports reporter Jon Colman wrote: “There aren’t any. End of article.”

Sam Atkinson said: “Not interested, support your local team! Come on you Bluebirds.”

Sam Pearson said: “They have been on about doing this for as long as I can remember and every time it doesn’t happen – no-one wants it.”

Luaphal said: “This would sound the death knell of football – the greed of the few at the expense of the many.”

El Nino9 said: “I’m an avid season ticket holder to one of the big six clubs in question and I’ll be handing it back if this gets the green light. Horrendous proposition fuelled by greed, taking away the morals and ethics of why it became the beautiful game. Why are organisations so hell bent on change? Leave it alone and let everyone enjoy.”

Fish supper posted: “Like it. Well if it does happen, which I doubt, I will not be getting Sky Sports or BTSports any more. Maybe the idiots will begin to realise that there is no profit after all in this madness.”

Jo Woody said: “The global game will be European. England will be back to like the old First Division days which actually is quite a good idea. Bring it on!”

Yocal yocal said: “Football died years ago when they introduced seating to terraces – it's a snowflakes' game now. Rugby is where it is.”

Mary on Saturday said: “Brilliant. A bit of humour in a dreadful situation. I’m not really a footy fan, but can see that there is no way back now for these clubs.”