THE RETURN of Barrow’s ‘biggest beer garden’ has caused debate amongst readers.

Rugby league club Barrow Raiders have confirmed they will be assembling its new terrace marquee in just a couple of weeks’ time.

This announcement has been welcomed by readers.

One reader said: “The club are simply looking at revenue streams as there have been no spectators for the past 13 months and there will only be eight home games with crowds this year, possibly limited crowds at that.

“It’s a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to get down there again for a few beers and some sense of normality!”

Sandy Ball commented: “As a long-time supporter, I’m pleased to see you are starting to get some income back. But please make sure that it is run responsibly and learn from the mistakes made last year. So please make sure it is safe and good luck.”

Another reader added: “People are quick to slag off pubs, clubs etc, you are more likely to catch Covid in the supermarket, everyone touching goods, having a look, putting it back, all crammed in the aisles, you are at least outside in the beer garden and not likely to be touching anything much. If everyone washes their hands after the loo, etc, there won’t be a problem. It’s down to the general public to adhere to the rules.”

Chairman Steve Neale says he hopes the beer garden’s return will give the community a boost and a slice of normality.

He said: “It was extremely popular last year and people were asking us about it so it was by popular demand. I think it will give the community a boost, it’s a way of getting a bit of normality.”

It is hoped the move will generate some much- needed income for the club after a turbulent year.

Mr Neale highlighted: “It’s income generation more than anything.

“We had such a good summer last year that we would be fools not to do it again.”