When the Raiders faced off against Blackpool back in 2008 on Craven Park, they saw their performance cut short by an unexpected incident.

Despite a 10-0 lead during the match, they found themselves under pressure by the Panthers who were threatening their line.

Their early points came courtesy Andy Ellis and Liam Harrison.

However, the side were saved not by the bell, but by the lights. A floodlight failure brought about an early end to the game after a fire broke out.

The game had to be abandoned due to safety concerns and even some emergency services were summoned to the stadium.

Raiders boss Dave Clark said: “It was a bit lucky for us I suppose with the lights going down.

"Our performance was pretty poor in that first half, we only completed 11 out of 21 sets.

“We went out and we said we wanted a professional game and to treat it as an important fixture for us.

“We went out there and I think people were trying to do a bit too much at times.

“They weren’t sticking to the game plan and they weren’t doing what’s good for us.

“There were some mistakes coming out and certain players did look rusty.”