Barrow Raiders are preparing their promotion bid to the Betfred Championship.

The RFL has announced the application process for the soon-to-be vacant position as a result of Toronto Wolfpack’s expulsion from the Super League.

Raiders’ chairman Steve Neale revealed that the club is now working hard to help the club’s chances of returning to the second tier.

Applications close on December 2.

Some of the criteria listed in the application form relates to finances, facilities and commercial potential.

The Mail:

In light of this, Mr Neale is adamant that the club is in a good position to go up.

“Looking at it objectively, I truly believe that we are the strongest club,” he began.

“Since I have been here we have never defaulted on wages nor paid a bill late and we own our own stadium, which is a big plus.

“We have got the highest crowds, got a fantastic social media presence and our community work is second to none.

“There is no issue with the strength of our team. Most of our players have played in the Championship and we have got a great coach, who has also been in the Championship before.

“No other club has got the core support that we have. Our average is around 1,300 and there is so much potential for an increase in our crowds with our area being steeped in rugby league tradition."

The Mail:

Head Coach Paul Crarey shares Mr Neale’s sentiments.

He added: “What we are doing on the field and off it is already at Championship level.

“Our community teams have received awards and grants, and currently have 185 kids signed up for our JETS programme.

“We have already got an established area with great amateur teams that surround and support us.

“If they want a club that has got the best fan base in the division, and a team to fight for promotion then that’s us.”