The Bluebirds Trust hope to bring the Barrow community together virtually this Christmas.

The Trust hosts a virtual 50-50 raffle, known as Russ’ Raffle, where fans can buy tickets online and can potentially win a huge cash prize.

With the festive season approaching, Bluebirds fan David Ingham is hoping that the Trust can stage a super-raffle.

Mr Ingham hopes this will result in a huge Christmas jackpot, while raising thousands for charities.

“I read an article on charities saying that if lockdown was going to be extended then they were going to struggle with a lot of their fundraising activities, such as Christmas fetes and the sorts of things which usually happen at this time of year," he said.

“What will happen is that when people buy their raffle tickets at Christmas, they can select a certain group to be the beneficiary of the proportion of money which doesn’t go in to the prize fund.

“Whether it’s charities, community groups, schools’ PTAs, anyone who would normally do something at Christmas but are scratching their heads because COVID has put a spanner in the works – hopefully we can help each other.”

Local community groups and organisations are now being encouraged to register with the scheme so that people can select them from the list to receive that commission when they buy their Christmas Raffle tickets.

To get involved, email