A mural of Barrow’s Georgia Stanway has been unveiled.

The Manchester City footballer is now featured on the side of a building in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Georgia’s dad, Paul Stanway, said he is immensely proud and hopes Georgia can inspire the next generation of female footballers.

The Mail:

Jayne Comer, branch secretary at Manchester City Women’s Official Supporters Club, where Georgia plays, said: “I think it looks absolutely fantastic.

“It is so good to have such a prominent picture of a women’s player in the city.”

The mural was commissioned by EA Sports and PlayStation.

In August, Georgia was named as an ambassador for EA Sports’ FIFA 21, becoming the first English woman in the role.

The Mail:

Mr Stanway said: “It is really good to see women’s football having such positive coverage these days.

“It also opens the doors for the next generation and encourages girls to become involved in what now can be seen as a full-time career.

“Georgia is a fantastic role model and proof that anything is possible.”

Mrs Comer agrees with Mr Stanway.

She said: “I think having someone like Georgia in that role as an ambassador does help to lift the profile of women’s football and get to the point it can be seen for its own merit at a top.”

The Mail:

In 2019, Georgia was named the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year.

After spending five years with her current club Manchester City and representing England 19 times, Mr Stanway has revealed how it all started for the 21-year-old.

“Georgia was simply immersed in football from a young age, following her older brother and not being content with watching," he recalled.

“Manchester City have been fantastic supporting her initial move to Manchester and her development from 16.

“They are one of the biggest names in the game and consequently attract the best players and role models that Georgia has had the privilege of playing and training alongside.

“Her determination and resilience have enabled her to achieve to date and hopefully this will determine where she ends up in the game.

“For now, she just enjoys every day, looks forward to every game and where that takes her - who knows!”