Barrow Raiders’ head coach Paul Crarey is urging young people to try their hand at scuba diving.

Crarey, who has practised the sport since 1985, believes it provides 'tremendous mental health benefits'.

Speaking about the extreme sport, Crarey said it provides people with essential life skills.

He said: “Im a qualified sports diver and started diving in 1985.

“It is a great sport, but you have obviously got to be well trained to do it.

“There are so many benefits to it.

“You learn some great skills, self-discipline, increase concentration and life-saving skills.”

Crarey believes that scuba diving provides an escape from his job as head coach.

He said: “It gives me a release of the stress from the rugby world.

“I can go on a Sunday morning, far away from a rugby environment.

“We will not talk about rugby once and just scuba dive.

“For all the lads who play rugby, I think they can get wrapped up and consumed by the sport, so they need something else as a release.”

Crarey, alongside Paul Dunford, frequently dive at Furness Diving Club and Capernwray Diving Centre in Carnforth.

Capernwray, which Crarey believes is one of the best in the country, allows divers to see and swim through a twin-engined aeroplane.

However, Crarey said his diving licence has enabled him to scuba dive around the world, in countries such as Turkey and Egypt.

The Raiders boss said Beh sport was very addictive.

“I would urge all young people to just try it.

"It is such a great experience that is rewarding and very addictive.

“I always say it is like going for a walk under water.

“There is a weightlessness, where you forget everything and just concentrate on where you are and what you are doing.”