Barrow AFC are in a good position to 'ride out' the absence of fans games according to chief executive Levi Gill.

A number of pilot events took place last weekend with 1,000 fans allowed into certain grounds - ahead of a limited number of supporters being permitted to watch Football League games from October 1.

However than plan has now been put on hold after the Government announced tougher restrictions earlier this week, due to the rise in Coronavirus cases across the country.

Officials have warned that some football clubs in the Football League and Non League are facing serious financial issues now, if they are not given support by the Government.

AFC's chief executive Gill said the club was disappointed by the Government's latest announcement, but added that the club was in a good position financially to ride out the current situation.

He said: "We were all working towards that October 1 date and we were nearly ready for that and we were waiting for out stage five protocol document to be signed off.

"The latest announcement from Boris Johnson is disappointing for the club, but more so for the fans really.

"I don't know what other clubs are going to do, but we are in a better position than most other clubs I think.

"We had a ten fold increase on our solidarity payments this season. It was about a million pound in the Football League, which is huge for us and we haven't spent that.

"With our model we are in a good position to ride out this situation of no fans.

"We have budgeted having no fans until December and the having about 2,000 fans thereafter.

"We have supportive owners at the club too.

"Some other clubs have bigger wage bills whereas we are in a good position."

A meeting of all League Two clubs will take place next week, where the latest announcements will be discussed, and Gill is hoping there will be a bit more clarity on the situation of fans in grounds.

He added: "We have that meeting next week and we hope that there will be a bit more information then.

"Things are still really busy without fans in the ground.

"There is probably more to do when it comes to games at the moment, without the fans, than when the ground has fans in.

"Other things have been going well. We have still been producing a matchday programme, and that sold in record numbers last week which is great, and work is continuing."