The new normal is one phrase we have heard time and time again in the last six months.

Many people will be fed up of it. They don't want a new normal, they just want things to go back to normal normal!

Though I think most people can acknowledge that the new normal is something we are going to have to get used to for months, even the next year or so.

But at least there is some sense of normality in that.

People can now do many of the things they haven't been able to do for months.

And it looks as if those who enjoy their sport, in particular, football, will be able to go back and see their beloved teams soon, under that new normal.

The Covid crisis could not have come at a worse time for Barrow really. First season back in the Football League for almost 50 years, and they won't have the fans their to see the start of the season.

But as the story on page 13 explains today, in October, a limited number of fans will be able to return to the terraces to cheer on the Bluebirds.

It is another step towards normality again, but as we've said, this will be the new normal for the time being.

Track and trace, hand washing and social distancing are three things no football fan would have anticipated ever having to do in a football ground.

It is going to impact on the atmosphere in the ground, but any step back towards normality in sport is something that can only be welcomed.