Dalton captain Daniel Sharpe believes every player is adapting to the new regulations during the shortened Cumbria Cricket League season.

Sharpe struck the winning runs as Dalton defeated Barrow by five wickets last Saturday, when the second round of fixtures took place, and a look towards the clubhouse gave a clue as to how things are different.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, players from neither team are able to use the changing rooms, instead bringing their kit outside and then sitting at the side of the field when not batting.

Players also can't use saliva to shine the ball and social distancing must be observed whenever possible during a match.

Sharpe said: "It's a lot different, but everyone is adapting. It was raining when we first got here, so we separated the big room and kept to our space there.

"You've just got to adapt to get the games in because we all want to play"

The coronavirus pandemic delayed the start of the recreational cricket season by three months, but there was a fear that the year would be lost to the club game, meaning the focus is very much on enjoying being back out in the middle.

"I didn't expect us to be back so soon because everyone kept saying it would be August and then everything was getting pushed back," Sharpe said. "Then it was suddenly brought forward, so it was a good surprise."