Barrow captain Glenn Kermode believes the return of cricket in Cumbria will help keep young players involved in the game.

The Cumbria Cricket League began its shortened season last weekend, after the easing of lockdown measures had allowed the return of the sport at a recreational level two weeks previously.

The fact that youngsters can now get a couple of months' worth of matches in comes as great news for their development, as it was feared they would lose a year of that a few months ago, while there were also concerns that such a long break would drive them away for good.

Kermode, whose team against Lindal Moor last Saturday included several young players, said: "It was good to be back out there.

"There was a lot of planning that went into it because it was obviously down to ECB rules, but it was especially good for the youngsters.

"We've got a good junior section, so we had a couple of under-16s playing and a couple of the under-17 and under-18s got a few more overs in because it's important that they get that progression and development in.

"I think the ECB would have been very conscious of losing a year of junior cricket and that youngsters were dying to play."

On playing in a different competition this year, Kermode added: "I love it. We didn't really want to travel too far, so playing local is good and we managed to get a good crowd in."