Barrow Raiders were left frustrated after nothing was decided during a video conference between Championship and League One clubs yesterday.

While other sports have returned from their coronavirus-enforced suspensions, such as football, horse racing and golf, there is still no date set for when, if at all, rugby league will be played again.

In a meeting led by RFL chairman Simon Johnson, the clubs put forward a variety of views on how the season should be finished and what should be done about costs and revenue opportunities, including the possible return of crowds later in the year.

However, while the Raiders were hoping a 'roadmap' on how the campaign might resume would be laid out, they've been left with the same questions as before, with the clubs' views now being forward in the next RFL board meeting on July 6.

Chairman Steve Neale said: "Because we don't know whether we'd have to play behind closed doors and we don't have to go back to satisfy a broadcasting deal, like with Super League, there's not the same pressure to return for clubs in our league.

"But there are a number of clubs who do want to return, not because they want to satisfy a TV deal but because they want to satisfy the general public, the players, the coaches, the season ticket holders, the sponsors etc.

"That's the view of Barrow Raiders and we want to return to action

"What I'm looking for from the governing body is some sort of roadmap, a bit like what the Government laid out for us in May, and we didn't get that."

There have been proposals that teams in the second and third tiers would play each other only once in the redrawn season, in order to fit the amount of games in by the end of November.

Part of Neale's frustrations with the delay is that time could eventually run out on the RFL making a decision that would benefit clubs below the Super League and allow them to make back revenue lost during the last three months.

Neale said: "I would have preferred something coming out of the meeting, like we've set a date and we're due to start at the end of August, or whatever the roadmap needs to look like, but we didn't get that.

"It was like because we don't know whether we're going to play in front of crowds and we don't know the cost of testing the players it's all 'let's wait a little bit longer and make a decision when we know those answers.'

"But if we carry on and carry on and carry on there's going to come a point where we haven't got any time left."