CLAP FOR carers has inspired a new supportive video created by Barrow football club’s goalies as they show their gratitude to our frontline heroes during the national clap.

The Barrow Association Football Performance Centre posted a video on its social media, receiving more than one thousand four hundred views, featuring members from the first team down to the Under-8’s team showing their support for our NHS workers fighting against Covid 19.

Organised by head of goalkeeping, Ross Liddicott, the video features each member clapping for our NHS before kicking the ball to their teammate.

Barrow AFC’s press officer, Ryan Sutherland said: “Ross Liddicott, one of the goalkeeping coaches in our Performance Centre, he had the idea to do the video.

“The credit should go to him.

“He came up with the idea of getting everyone together and linking the videos of the team players.

“We’ve had a really good reaction from it. We don’t do it for the likes, but it’s been shared a lot of times and had plenty of exposure.

“Anything we can do to get the word out that we should be thanking healthcare workers.

“The performance centre does a lot of great work and they don’t always get seen for it.

“They’re always in the background. But it’s great they’ve gone with this and got this done. It’s really good seeing it all put together.

“We’ll carry on thanking the NHS every Thursday until the end of the lockdown.

“All the way through the last eight weeks we made sure we posted at eight o’clock every Thursday. It is the least we can do for all the front-line workers.”

Sixteen members of the football team, each from various ages and levels of experience took part in the video by making short clips of themselves in their back gardens and on their streets showing off their kicks and skills.

They included first team members Joel Dixon, former Hull City stopper Johnny Saltmer and Luke Simpson, who has previously played with Nantwich Town, Workington and Leicester City, from Barrow’s first team.

The video was well received by supporters who praised the gesture by the team members.

Clap for Carers has taken place every Thursday during the coronavirus lockdown, in recognition for the hard work and sacrifice undertaken by NHS healthcare workers and essential workers around the country.

Football and other sports have been cancelled during the lockdown but Barrow AFC has continued to show its support throughout.