BARROW'S England Lionesses star Georgia Stanway is only 21 but has already achieved much in the game.

The 2019 PFA Women's Young Player of the Year is a winner of five trophies with Manchester City and says her favourite memory to date is triumphing in the FA Women's Cup at Wembley 12 months ago almost to the very day.

Stanway was player of the match and scored in City's 3-0 win over West Ham.

In an interview with the Manchester City website, she said the May 4 2019 occasion was 'a surreal day'.

"For me personally, it was a big game," she said.

"I’d always wanted to play well on a big stage.

"There's no better feeling than winning and lifting the trophy was incredible.

"Playing there (Wembley) is a massive deal in itself. There was an amazing crowd and all my family were in the stands.

"When we got to Wembley, we had a bit of a tour of the stadium. We weren't allowed in the changing rooms, as they were setting them up to look special, but we saw the pitch.

"When you're in there, it looks huge with the amount of seats and the pitch is massive.

"Then we went across to the hotel and stayed over. Everyone was so excited."

Stanway said she tries not to think too much about big games beforehand and keep a 'normal routine'.

"It helped me that day. I knew I didn’t have to impress my family, I knew I didn’t have to try too hard. Sometimes, when you try too hard, things don’t go your way.

I knew I had to work hard and I knew my family were supporting me. They wanted the best for me and for the team to win... and I knew that after a few drinks, they’d settle down as well!"

She said her goal will 'definitely go down as one of my favourites'.

"I’d tried so hard all game to try and score. I'd had a few shots and I'd snapped at a few. I'd had one that was quite close...

"Then, Keira Walsh scored the first goal and knew then I had to try and score and get in tie with my mate!

"The ball came to me and I took a few touches to put it back on my right foot and hit it. It took a deflection which helped and it rolled into the right-hand corner.

I turned and just ran to celebrate. I ran towards the corner where our families were and I made eye contact with my family, which was nice. It was an unbelievable feeling and extra special for the fact it was at Wembley.

"When we came to the end of the day, celebrating, we didn’t want the day to end. It was incredible."