A CLUB director believes that getting into the English Football League could bring in more benefits to the wider community of Barrow, not just the football club.

With promotion for Barrow AFC still yet to be decided after the cancellation of the remaining games in the National League, it is unclear which division the Bluebirds will actually be in next season.

Levi Gill, Barrow AFC director, said: “If you look at the intention of the ownership we have had come in 18 months ago, it is clear there has been a real positive impact, with fans now owning 10 per cent of the club itself.

“At the moment we get around £60,000 a year from the league.

"But gaining promotion would see us getting funding of around £1m which is a huge difference and would more than cover what we spent this year.

“This means that with promotion we would have a real chance of becoming self sufficient a few years down the line.

“In terms of budget sheets and finances, it will put us in a different world.

“The vote to take Barrow AFC out of the league 48 years ago is still a sore point for the fans.

"I think we are heading down that road again as it is looking like we may have a vote to see if we get promotion.”

The National League board have been asking clubs to give their feedback as to whether the play-offs should go ahead or not.

It was decided to cancel the remaining fixtures of the National League due to the concern around the coronavirus outbreak.

The Barrow AFC directors are behind the idea of play-offs as long as it is safe for the matches to take place during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We believe that we have won the league and deserve promotion so it doesn’t seem right that those below us don’t deserve the chance to do the same,” Levi Gill said.

“We could see an increase in the average crowd size next year with promotion with more interest from Barrow as well as bigger clubs coming here to play.

“This would mean more revenue at the ground through food and drink sales as well as in hospitality.

“As people don’t just come straight to the ground normally, this could mean that there would be benefits for the wider town also.

"A football club can have such a big impact on the town.

“The directors would look to build on what we have with the roof on the Holker Street end already in progress.

“The board are all locally born businessmen who want the best for the club, and they have ambitions to do more and create something special.”