A RUGBY league fanatic has spoke about his disrupted cancer treatment during the coronavirus crisis.

Kevin Lever, 36, has been left wheelchair bound after being diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread to his glands, spine, pelvis and arm.

Kevin who has a daughter, Katelyn, 12, has had to stop working as a plumber because the cancer has cracked some of the vertebrae in his spine.

This has left him immobile, living and sleeping in his front room and not able to go upstairs.

The life long Workington Town rugby league fan has been prevented from travelling to Newcastle for consultations, treatment and drugs trials because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Now the rugby club have stepped into help and are raising money for him in their “virtual” half time prize draw – even though all games have been cancelled.

Kevin, who’s been married to wife Toni for 12 years, said: “I can’t go to Newcastle at the moment because they don’t know how I would react to the coronavirus.

“Basically they’ve injected a kind of cement into my spine to strengthen it back up.

“Since I’ve had that done I’m not very mobile, I can’t work, and I’m in a wheelchair.

“I can’t get out and about and I’m stuck inside but I have videos of old games from the rugby club, someone calls to drop them by.

“My treatment now starts in Whitehaven.

“I was meant to be down for drug trials but because of the coronavirus I can’t get over to Newcastle because they don’t know what affect it will have on me.

“I have got my consultation on Wednesday and from there I will hopefully get a start date for the chemotherapy.”

The rugby club announced the funding drive on Saturday.

Les Smallwood, chairman of Workington Town Rugby League Football Club, said: “He’s had an operation in Newcastle and he’s back at home but he’s been living downstairs so we are trying to raise a few quid for him and his young family. What we are proposing to do is a half time draw on April 26 over the internet. People can buy a ticket for £1 and half will go to Kev and the other half to the winner. So if we get 10,000 tickets sold that's £5,000 for Kev.”

For tickets go online to: www.facebook.com/DerwentParkSC