FORTY eight years ago Barrow were the last team to be ejected from the Football League by vote.

So Bluebirds boss Ian Evatt thinks it would be ironic if a vote was to now decide if they return to the league in 2020.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil Show on TalkSport, Evatt said such a situation would be "crazy".

"So 48 years ago we were kicked out via vote and there is a bitter taste in the town about that," he said.

"As it turns out it will probably end up where it is a vote on whether we go back in to the league or not. That’s how crazy that is.”

Evatt said that top of the table Barrow's return to the EFL would make a massive financial difference to the club.

“What happens and how they come to that conclusion we don’t know, we don’t have the answers to that.

"I think the National League are going to have to sit tight a little bit because there is so much at stake with the EFL. For my football club, we’re talking about £1.2 million per season in the EFL as opposed to £80,000 per season in the National League, that is how much is at stake.

"The National League are tied a little bit because on the one hand clubs are screaming that we can’t carry on and we’re going to go bust.

"But on the other hand they want to maintain that we have our two up and two down with the EFL and the EFL will basically have the final say on that I’m guessing."

Evatt also said that the decision to void the season in the lower tiers of non-league football was "not fair or moral".

"When you have played more than 80 per cent of the season, expunging the results is nonsense in my opinion and we would be rewarding teams at the wrong end of the league.

"You look at other things in other walks of life, the students for example.

"The Government has said that they will get the grades they deserve, they might not have to sit exams.

"So if you take that into a football context, if you have played more than 80 per cent of your games, there has to be a way to conclude the season in a fair and proper manner without voiding it.

"I can’t stress enough that I think what has happened below us isn’t fair.”