Name: Dior Angus

Occupation: Footballer

Team I play for: Barrow AFC

Area I live: Kenilworth - it’s a small town in Warwickshire about six miles away from Coventry..

Previous teams: Kidderminster Harriers, Solihull Moors, Redditch, Stratford, Nuneaton, Port Vale and Barrow

When did you first start playing football and what attracted you to it?

I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember but I didn’t play my first game until I was eight. My dad didn’t want me playing Sunday League!

What do you enjoy most about playing football for your current team?

The whole set up at the club is fantastic and the atmosphere is brilliant too, especially with the run we have been on. Our style of play is great too and football is really enjoyable at the moment.

What’s been the highlight of your footballing days so far?

My Football League debut for Port Vale was a really memorable day, but I’ve got to say that our game at Notts County this season was amazing. The fans were absolutely top class, the result was great and we went top of the league that day too.

Who do you look up to in football and why?

As a striker it’s a bit of an obvious answer, but Thierry Henry is my football hero. On and off the pitch he is/was top class and he is definitely someone to look up to.

What are your aims in football?

My main aims are to just be the best I can be and enjoy it as much as possible along the way. Football careers aren’t the longest so you have to make the most of it whilst you can. There will be aims along the way too like getting promoted with Barrow this season, but you have to look at the bigger picture too.

Tell us something nice about one of your teammates.

Quigs (Scott Quigley) enjoys a night time voice note from me as I have a soft voice which is the key to our success this season. It’s fair to say that the strike partnership spreads further than on the pitch!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or been involved in on a football field?

I’ve heard plenty of funny shouts from the stands, particularly at Barrow. It’s fair to say that I can’t really repeat any of them for this interview, though!

What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of playing football?

I think just the fact that it can be very up and down, both on a personal level and as a team in terms of performances and results. The highs are brilliant and you have to enjoy them, but there will be low moments too and you have to stick together during them. Maintaining a balance mentally is tough but very important.

If you could change one rule in football what would it be and why?

It might seem a bit obvious being a striker, but definitely the offside rule. If any part of your body is onside then you shouldn’t be offside.

What’s been the most memorable match you’ve played in and why was it so memorable?

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s got to be Notts County away with Barrow this season. To score a goal and go top of the league, where we have been since, was an incredible feeling. The roar from the Barrow fans when the goal went in will live long in the memory too.

How would you sum up/describe the team that you play for?

Special and very talented. We have some really talented players but that isn’t always everything, you have to work together as a team too and make sure that the sum of your parts is greater than just the individual talents. The Gaffer has made sure we do that this season and I’m really enjoying being part of this team.