England Golf have issued a number of guidelines to clubs across the country in how to minimise the spread of coronavirus in the weeks and months ahead.

There are four golf clubs in the Furness peninsula - Barrow, Furness, Ulverston and Dunnerholme - and two more around Grange with members wondering if is still safe for them to be out on the course or in the clubhouse.

The good news for the majority of golfers, ie those without underlying health problems and not in a vulnerable age category, is that they’ll still be able to play the game that they love.

However, those who do start showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus are being told to self-isolate and stay away from their golf club, in line with government recommendations.

It is based on the government’s advice on mass gatherings that the ‘indoor, social aspects of golf club life’ should be curtailed.

On a wider scale, England Golf have postponed their championship events until June 7, but they have left it to the clubs themselves if they feel if it is appropriate for them to continue to run their ‘Open’ competitions, on the basis of social and travel restrictions.

Clubs have also been asked to permanently display public health posters from the NHS in all washrooms and on the entrances to the course and clubhouse, while extra hand sanitisers are to be posted around their facilities.

Golfers are to be allowed to change shoes in the car park in order to minimise social contact in locker rooms, while on the course it is recommended they keep a safe distance of two metres between themselves and their playing partners.

Playing in smaller groups has been advised, while clubs are asked to increase spaces between tee times to prevent bunching.