BARROW Football Supporters Club’s Tony Mason made it a double of individual Barrow Friday League titles when he claimed his fifth snooker crown.

Tony defeated Dave Simpson of British Legion A 4-1 in the final following a superb performance.

Mason, who is also the league’s billiards champion, broke off and played out of his skin with an incredible 47 break including five blacks and a pink and then another 16 break a few minutes later to go 63 points ahead.

Another 12 points later, Simpson conceded with a red still on the table with the scoreline 82-5.

Mason’s potting ability showed through again in the second frame with three blacks and an enormous screw back on the red to take the yellow for a 27 break. He went on another potting spree using all of the colours to make another incredible 45 break and take the second game 72-5.

The third frame saw Mason set off with a 26 break with two blacks, a blue and a yellow but Simpson finally had his time to shine as he put together a good 15 break, with two blues and a yellow. Mason was once again in good potting mood and with breaks of 19 and 18 took the frame 62-15.

In the fourth, Mason took the initial lead but Simpson kept up with the score with a 12 break.

It wasn’t long, however, before Mason overpowered him with a 26 break to take him 15 points in front. Undeterred, Simpson knocked in a long series of eight small breaks to go 24 points clear at 64-40.

Mason came back himself to retake the lead by five points but could only watch as Simpson potted the blue and pink to take his first game 77-69.

In the fifth frame, Mason potted the first red but knocked in the black at the same time, although he soon got over that by putting together a good 27 break using the pink, two blacks and a green.

Simpson responded quickly with a 14 break to bring him back in the game but unfortunately for him, Mason went back into potting mode, this time using the pink with an excellent 35 break that opened up a 44-point lead with only two reds left.

Mason then took the penultimate red with a blue and the last red with the pink to take the game 78-21 and with it this year’s snooker individual champion title.