Barrow AFC manager Ian Evatt has reiterated that the wrong people would end up being punished should the National League season end up being declared void due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign is currently set to resume when the Bluebirds travel to Eastleigh, but it is widely expected for the suspension to go beyond this point, given the government’s warning against mass gatherings.

The stoppage comes at a time when AFC are four points clear at the top of the table with nine games of the season to go and close to a return to the Football League for the first time since 1972, but there is plenty of uncertainty over what happens next.

Evatt said: “Why should teams be punished for doing so well? Why should owners be punished when they’ve spent so much money?

“The fans would be punished because they’ve spent so much money and they’ve supported their team for 48 years and something like this has come along that is no fault of their own. They shouldn’t be getting punished and not get what they deserve.

“The Football League is also one team short because Bury have gone, so there is no reason, that I can see or think of, that we should not be promoted if this league doesn’t continue.

“People are saying we’re going to have to finish seasons, but my view is we’ve played 37 games and if you are where you are then you deserve to be there.”