Tony Mason of the Barrow Football Supporters Club won the Barrow Friday League individual billiards title for a second time after beating British Legion A’s Allan Tweed in the final.

Mason won the toss and immediately got into gear with an incredible 37 break using a wide variety of shots to go 64 points clear.

Allan caught up a little with a 15 break, but Mason went through the ton barrier exactly 50 points clear. Tweed replied once again with small breaks to bring him back into contention, but Mason went back into a 50-point lead with an excellent display of potting on the reds gaining another 21 points.

He took himself through the 200-mark with Tweed still 56 points behind and then went into express mode, knocking in a 15 break using just the red to propel him up the scoreboard and it wasn’t long until he reached the finishing post to win 250-170

The annual Fred Collins Snooker Trophy took place at the British Legion Club, with British Legion A and Roose Cons contesting the final.

The first game saw the two top men of the respective teams brought together in John Tyerman and Lee Majors.

Majors took the initial lead with two scores using the blue then increased his lead to 26 points to two. Tyerman responded with a green and a pink to halve the deficit, but Majors was 38-15 after potted the last red with a blue.

Undeterred, John played well on the colours, taking each one to lessen the deficit before Majors left the black over the middle pocket for Tyerman to snatch the frame 42-38.

The second game of the evening brought Billy Burns and Nick Wilkes together, both good potters, with the former Bill opening the scoring with a 13 break, but Wilkes responded well with a 16 break using the black to bring him back into the game.

With the score at 64-32 in Burns’ favour, a missed black gave Wilkes a chance to score more points with the lower colours but Bill potted the blue and the pink to take the game 78-47 and seal the win for Legion A.

The last game was played to a finish with Dave Kewley taking on Dave Simpson, who was on top for most of the game with the help 22 and 15 breaks, and Kewley eventually had to concede, with Simpson winning the game 65-36.