WITH the county being battered by storms, half-term was a week often best spent indoors.

But Ulverston Leisure Centre ensured that their was still plenty of things for schoolchildren to do to keep them occupied.

On average, around 20 kids attended per day for a variety of activities, with sport very much at the forefront, which enabled the children to keep warm inside the Tennis Centre off Priory Road.

For four days of the week, the youngsters were kept busy from 8.45am to 3.30pm and occasionally went outdoors when the weather relented - with football again not surprisingly proving popular - and they even had some coaching from one of the local sports clubs.

“The thing is with October and February half-terms is that it’s still quite chilly, even when we’re indoors but the kids don’t mind it," said Hannah Paling, active communities coordinator.

“They just like to run around, go on the inflatables and still do the stuff inside, so they’re not that bothered and then when it was dry we got them out on the 3G pitches and did football and some other stuff.

“They did a bit more arts and crafts and then the usual stuff, like dodgeball and tennis, and we had a guy from Ulverston Cricket club down to do a session and the kids enjoyed that.”