When the Bluebirds Trust launched phase two of its share contribution scheme it would be fair to say that there was some uncertainty among the board as to how the support would react.

Many of us were confident in hitting the original £50,000 target last year, but to attempt the same thing less than 12 months on – and for a higher figure of £65,000 – was possibly putting too great a strain on the loyalty of our fan base. So far, we appear to have been worrying about nothing.

Once again, the Barrow support has reminded us just how special the bond between our town and club can be when we're in the eye of a 'perfect storm'. The five-month fundraising period is only five weeks old, and already we've raised more than £27,000. Between planned special events such as our world-famous race nights, ad hoc (and generous) donations, and various classically "Barrow" initiatives like the sale of home-made marmalade, once again we're leaning into everybody's unique talents to become greater than the sum of our parts.

To have raised £27,000 already is an incredible effort. Now we want to set a new target in order to focus minds and efforts. By the end of February we want to have raised 50% of the target. This means that, in just under three weeks, we want to hit £32,500. And please don't think for a moment that anybody within the trust or the wider club views these figures as "just numbers". Every penny that we raise comes from us, the fans of this club, and is money that could otherwise have been put to other uses for our own or our family's benefit. We thank everyone for every penny that they help us to raise.

Let's be clear why we're all putting ourselves through these weight loss challenges, making marmalade, harassing family incessantly and writing cheques: it's to ensure that this club can continue to thrive and grow under its current ownership.

We as a trust, a community and a fan base are doing everything in our power to show our support and to play our part. This is our club, now more than ever, and in the last five weeks we've shown the depth of desire to remain a part of it.

* Talking about "raising £65,000 in five months" is all well and good, but fans might like a little bit of insight into the mechanics of how the trust is striving to reach that total.

Among many initiatives we have ongoing, or pending, here are some of our favourites:

The Barrow AFC weight loss challenge sees two fans going ‘head to head’ (or paunch to paunch) to lose weight and raise money toward share contributions – and they're doing very well, with a combined total of two stones lost so far!

Football card sales of various kinds are also providing a great source of income, and the raffle team, led by the indefatigable Russ Rawley, are breaking records and looking to extend their empire beyond the match day.

Then there’s marmalade! A fan has already sold over forty homemade ‘Play Your Part’ branded jars.

It’s a really great effort that also shows you don’t have to live in the area to get involved.

We've also branched out into eBay, with various digital merchandise bringing money into the pot.

The club have been a great help providing this too.

There’s plenty more to come too.

Music night and race nights are planned, along with, hopefully, an increase in merchandising.

Truly a team effort.

* Saturday's result at Barnet was undeniably disappointing and brought an end to talk of winning a famous double of FA Trophy and National League.

A much-changed Barrow side were dumped out of the Trophy after three quickfire second half goals away at Barnet saw the Bluebirds go down three-nil.

Supporters have already divided into two camps: those who say "we're better off out of it" and others who murmur darkly about one win and fine and the loss of momentum.

Both arguments have some merit, but let's now refocus and assess where we are.

Promotion has for some weeks now been our top priority.

We lead the National League table by a very healthy seven points, which gives us the freedom to stumble a little between now and the end of the season.

Our pursuers have no such luxury and must hold a relentless pace just to keep us in sight.

Saturday's loss is a setback without question, but it has done absolutely nothing to harm our chances of winning the league title and returning to the Football League.

We remain firmly on target for that greatest of accomplishments and, when weighed against it, history will soon forget the end of the FA Trophy run 'down south' in early February.

Whether we remember this season for the rest of our lives will not be governed by Barnet away. It will be determined in the coming weeks and months.