Bowls' popularity continues to endure in the Furness area and the British Crown Green Bowling Association is encouraging more people to take up the sport, which can provide plenty of health benefits.

Several leagues operate during the summer months around Barrow, Walney and Ulverston, which provide bowlers of all ages to stay active at regular times.

In Cumbria as a whole, there are 2,358 registered players, comprising of 1,671 men and 687 women, while there are 59 bowling clubs (24 from Furness and 35 from Kendal and the Lakes), which run a total of 328 teams.

Nationwide, there are around 2,500 bowling clubs around England and Wales and roughly 102,000 registered bowlers while another 30,000 play the game socially.

The BCGBA are targeting people who are either too old or not quite fit enough to play contact sports anymore, as they feel it isn't necessary to run to get fitter and healthier.

Health professionals recommend playing bowls, particularly for older people, as it provides a number of health benefits, which include:

Fitness - Crown green bowls helps moderately improve muscle strength (arm, shoulder, leg muscles), flexibility and endurance.

Mental Health - The game gets you out into the fresh air and helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

Increases Skills – Bowls involves some element of problem solving skills and also helps improve co-ordination and concentration

Improves Confidence - Participating in a sport helps improve self-esteem and gets you out and about and meeting people.

Self-Discipline - Sports such as crown green bowls involves turning up on time and being organised by wearing the correct uniform for competitive matches.

Social Interaction - Crown green bowls helps improve social skills and being part of a team also gives you a sense of belonging.

Any form of exercise is good for your health, no matter how gentle it may be. And, if you are participating in a team sport, such as crown green bowls, it helps improve your social life too, which contributes to all round happiness and well-being.

Every game of crown green bowls you play you will burn off 230 Calories.