Another Saturday comes and brings with it seven Barrow AFC goals at Holker Street.

It’s easy to believe that you’re dreaming or that a journalist has somehow confused our FA Trophy result with the prior one against Ebbsfleet United but nope, we really did score seven goals again.

Watching Barrow at the moment against any opposition is a joy. The passing, the movement, the bravery in possession and the resolute defending – it all adds up to an almost complete performance, and opposition teams from across the league pyramid and all around the country are proving universally unable to find a way to overcome it.

If we have thus far been urging fans to buy in to the fact that we can win the league, now let’s encourage ourselves to speculate about a famous double. Why not? Does anybody truly think we’re not good enough anymore?

This all has to be caveated of course. It’s still January and titles aren’t won at this stage of a season.

We need to maintain our form, our fitness and our good fortune. Only on that triangle can any long term success be sustained at a football club.

If form abandons us, we drop points. If injuries mount up, we lose in the next round of the FA Trophy. If luck desserts us, well… who knows where that could lead us? But right now, all signs are suggesting that we’re on course for a most extraordinary season.

Credit has to go to Ian Evatt and his staff for making all of this possible. Week by week, we learn a little more about just how good this team is. Ian’s belief is infectious.

I’ve experienced that first hand and it’s clear to everyone just how invested his players are in what he’s telling them and the things they work on at training. With that belief and self-confidence, there’s no telling where both Ian and Barrow AFC might find themselves.

Games continue to pile up ahead of us, but all we can do is take them one at a time.

By the time we reach the end of January we’ll know a lot more about the league table, not least because one of our games in hand will finally have been played.

Ten wins from 18 is our suggested target to ensure the league title. One by one, week by week, we’re edging closer to that magic milestone.

* One of the great things about the team’s current form is the higher attendances we’re seeing.

Two thousand, three thousand fans packed into Holker Street is excellent news both for the club and the community. But with it comes certain logistical challenges that we haven’t previously experienced or, to be honest, expected.

Fans regularly stop me to suggest that we need more toilets or better lighting or any number of things that would improve the matchday experience.

On the whole, fans have been incredibly patient and fair-minded. I think people understand, largely, that with where we are in the league the club is struggling to catch up with itself off the pitch. But we will.

Plans are in place and will continue to be developed which will improve the matchday experience and build on the infrastructure of the ground, even if it’s only in small ways.

In the meantime, I personally thank everyone for their patience and for the support that I get when walking around the ground.

Ideas are brilliant and always gratefully received by myself or any other director. We’re doing our best to act on them, and together we’ll all eventually get to where we want to be.

* January always brings a motivation for change, at least for a few days.

Whether it’s a new fitness regime, throwing out bad habits, learning a new skill or simply trying to be a better person, this time of year is awash with good intentions. Occasionally they last.

Two of our number, Stu Nichols and Steve Herbert, made the brave (perhaps foolish) public declaration that they would take part in a weight loss challenge to raise money for our Play Your Part initiative.

As Barrow is a small town, word soon gets around and it certainly concentrates the mind when you both have jobs that mean contact with a large amount of people during the working week.

They haven’t lacked for advice and support when pounding the streets to shed timber or, in one case, being accosted by a fellow fan in a moment of weakness at the pie shop.

I am happy to report then, that the first week has gone very well, with a combined 12-and-half pounds being lost.

If you’d like to support their efforts, please do look on Just Giving for the link, or find it on the Bluebirds Trust website or Facebook. Keep it up lads.