The only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club in the Furness area have gone bigger and better by moving into a plush new gym that will boost their burgeoning junior section.

Owner Mike Reay had had his eye on a larger venue for the Barrow-based LOBO BJJ for some time, with membership soaring at all levels in recent years.

Last week, the club officially opened their new digs at Crellin Street, having gone as far as it could at its old base at Shore Street, giving its members much more floor space on which to hone their techniques, which will benefit the youngsters in particular.

Reay said: “It’s perfect now. There’s a lot more space for both the kids and the adults to be able to train on, which means that the club can grow in the direction that I want it to.

“We were limited in how many we could have in for safety reasons, due to lack of space, so come 2020, we’ll be looking to really grow the team.”

Reay had been talking with the building’s landlord for six months before last Saturday’s opening seminar, which included visitors from Preston, Chorley and even London, cut the ribbon, although the club took just two weeks to get the new place fit for purpose.

There is still scope to set up new changing facilities, but having already developed several medallists at both junior and senior level this year, the sky appears to be the limit due to the improved facilities.

Reay said: “This is the first year of our junior section and to have world medallists and not just European medallists but European champions is fantastic, so 2020 is where we can really start to put a good competition team together.

“We’re going to look to grow the junior squad, so watch this space for 2020, in terms of medals.

“There are still some bits I need to get done around the place - an extra changing room, we’re going to put a shower in. It’s a full-time facility now and there is no limit that I want to grow and take the club to.”