The Cumbria Sharks were celebrating last weekend when they won the Amateur Poker Association & Tour's 'The Counties' competition.

The team captained by Jon Seal and made up of Andy Pearson, Chris Salmon and Mark Jones are all from the Furness area and they finished ahead of the Derry Airs and the Greater Manchester Bolton Whites to pick up the trophy and the £3,200 prize.

Thirty teams from across the country took part in the two-day competition, which was held at Resorts World in Birmingham, and the Sharks were one of seven teams to make up the final table last Sunday.

As well as the other teams on the podium, the others to make it to the final stage were the Kent Stallions, Lancashire Luckboxes, Staffordshire Marmites and Suffolk Sharks.

Cumbria were one of the 20 teams to make it through the first day of the competition after each of their four players had taken part in a Single Table Tournament (STT), with their points decided from their finishing positions in them.

Qualifying in 13th place, they then had to go through another STT for the final qualifying round on day two, with the winners from each table qualifying their team for the final table that evening and earning a 10k stack.

Seal led by example to earn Cumbria their place in the finale, where he played the best hand to claim the main prize.