Whether children wanted to stay dry or get in the water, there was plenty going on at Ulverston Leisure Centre during half-term.

Throughout the week, the centre ran its activities camp, which allowed youngsters to try their hand at different sports, or even art and crafts, with the organisers wanting a mixture of active and more chilled sessions.

The days ran for longer than previous camps – up from 10am-3pm to 9:15am-3:30pm – in order to help parents used to the school run, while the change didn’t affect how popular they were, with 15-20 kids turning up each time.

Active communities coordinator Hannah Paling said: “The numbers were good – obviously, it’s cold at this time of year in the Tennis Centre, but we always manage to do a mixture of things.

“We put a movie on for them each day then we’d do some sport and different activities in the morning before going to the Sports Club for lunch, which is always good.

“We’d then be back over to do some more sport and then to finish off the day, when they were a bit more tired, we’d finish off the film.

“It seemed to work quite well and even though it was over a six-and-a-half-hour day, it didn’t seem too bad because of the structure.”

While that took place at the Tennis Centre, across the complex, swimming sessions took place for children of different abilities.

Josie Harkin said: “We had them on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and most of them had eight children booked on, which was the maximum, so they were pretty popular.

“It ran from Stage One, which is for beginners, where they swim in the shallow end and have the aim of getting a five-metre badge, but it’s mostly for kids who haven’t had lessons.

“It builds up to Stage Six, where they’re doing lengths of the pool and obviously are much stronger swimmers and that’s for improving their technique in different strokes.”