There was a change of venue for Barrow AFC’s holiday camp during half-term, with the facilities at St Bernard’s School being perfect for juniors who were looking to improve their skills.

For most of the week, the organisers were able to make use of the pitches at the school, as well as the hill at the back of its playing field, where they could hold games of ‘football golf.’

However, on the final day they did have to move the kids, who were aged 5-11, indoors to the sports hall due to the persistent and heavy rain making the pitch cut up.

As ever, there was no shortage of kids signing up for the camp, which had bringing on technique and introducing fun games amongst its aims.

Community coach Brad Hubbold said: “The weather had been great for us this week and we managed to get outside every day, starting with matches in the first hour.

“We had a lot of small-sides two-v-twos or three versus threes because they’re important for their development to get them as many touches of the ball as they can.

“They have the option then of whether they want to take players on, whether they want to pass it.

“After a break, we’d then go into their activities and their drills – we usually do a big group one together, where we’d have the older ones at the team leaders.

“We’d explain the games to them and they’d help the younger ones understand the game a bit more.”

What the coaches enjoy from the camps is the chance to work with youngsters at different stages of their football development, which they would adapt their sessions for accordingly.

“With the younger ones, we focus on ball mastery, with a lot of turning and changing direction,” Hubbold said.

“With the older ones, we’re looking at different scenarios where they can challenge themselves and help along with their decision-making when they’re on the pitch.”