The JW9 Football Academy has had plenty of firsts since its formation during the summer and it moved into new territory again this week with its half-term multi-sport course.

Not surprisingly, given that it is headed by former Barrow AFC striker Jason Walker, football is the main sport that is being played during the course of the week and yet again the turnout has been good.

Around 25-30 kids have been turning up at Parkshire GGI Academy, where Walker works, each day with the numbers allowing them to be separated into two age groups for the various activities.

The best part about it for Walker is quite a few of the children are those who either attended the academy's summer holiday camp or the weekly training sessions that followed.

Walker said: "I always knew it wouldn't be as busy as the summer one because in October a lot of people do go away and there aren't as many weeks to go away as in summer.

"But I've counted them up and there was 27 on Monday and there's an average of 26 for every day, so I can't complain. It's been really good again and a lot of the kids are the ones who came in the summer as well.

"They've obviously wanted to come back, which is a really nice thing."

The JW9 Academy is affiliated with Barrow AFC's Performance Centre, with Walker always maintaining he wanted to work with his old club in bringing through talented young players.

That will continue after half-term with the next batch of weekly sessions, which start on Monday across four age groups, ranging from under-5s up to under-11s.

Walker said: "I'm hoping that I must be doing something right and the kids are enjoying it. I'm getting good feedback from parents and from the kids and stuff, so long may it continue.

"The numbers may drop for the sessions after half-term, although I've already got quite a few booked on for those.

"If it continues beyond that then it's amazing, but I've got a lot of kids who seem willing to stay with me. We came outside for four of the first six weeks and a lot of them have booked on again."