The Hawcoat Park Open Pairs competition, sponsored by Schofield Construction, takes place at Hawcoat Park Bowling Club on Sunday, with 38 partnerships currently signed up to compete for the trophy.

The report times on the day are as follows.

9:30am: A Mason & partner, A Thornton & partner, M & D Edmonds, E Lowden & partner, R Parkinson & partner, J Richardson & D Kent, M Procter & J Curphey, D Staunton & partner, J Howard & L Smith, S Ashburn & partner, S & C Bushell, Derek Bell & partner, R Williams & partner, E Thornton & partner, T Woods & J Stewart, J Johnson & partner.

10:15am: W Heywood & partner, K Roebuck & partner, A & L Kneale, I France & R May, G Maudsley & K Judge, A France & M Ratcliffe, T Richardson & partner, D & S Shields, K Clarke & H Dagger, L Barnard & J Hinde, J Gill & N Reilly, P McDonald & P Cain.

11am: N McAlley & partner, R Moxham & partner, B Lowden & partner, J Sutherland & partner, F Rigg & partner, M Askew & partner, David Bell & R Hall, C Irvine & partner, C Knipe & J Bawden, J McNamee & T Harris.

The ladies section of Hawcoat Park will once again be providing catering on the day of the competition, with both of the club’s greens being in use.