Ross Cooksey was already trying to make up for lost time and he has suffered a setback as a fractured wrist has forced him to pull out of his scheduled fight in Bolton next week.

The featherweight from Barrow stepped into the ring for the first time in 11 months in July and looked impressive in defeating Ricky Leach on points in a four-round contest at the University of Bolton Stadium to extend his professional record to seven wins from seven bouts.

He was due back at the same venue next Friday, as part of a card that includes his fellow Barrovian Mike McGoldrick, who will be facing off with Latvian fighter Jevgenijs Andrejevs across six rounds.

It was going to be Cooksey's second fight under new trainer Johnney Roye, but an injury suffered during sparring means the 27-year-old is likely going to have to wait until December until he fights again.

Cooksey said: "I had a previous hand injury going into my last bout and it hadn't fully healed, but I went ahead with the bout anyway and then I started training for the September 13 card.

"I sparred for two weeks in a row for a couple of rounds and each time that I sparred, my wrist was hurting still, so Johnney advised me to go and get an X-ray and it turned out I'd fractured a bone on the outside of my wrist.

"I've been advised to take six weeks off punching with that hand and just rest that hand up, but obviously they said I could do my running, my footwork and other stuff like that, but I can't punch with my left hand."

The fact that Cooksey will be able to maintain his fitness in the meantime should prevent him from having to shake off too much ring rust when he does step back into the ring.

However, the fact that it will be only the second time he'll do so in 2019 means he will have to wait as he continues to work his way towards title contention.

Cooksey said: "It's a shame because we'd put quite a good plan together.

"We'd planned to fight on the September 13 card and have a six-rounder and as long as the fight went well and I won in good fashion, I know the plan was to go for an area title by December.

"I was looking forward to the challenge of boxing for a title over ten rounds, so it's a shame because I feel like this has put me back again a bit, after I'd been out of the ring for 11 months previously.

"You've got to take the rough with the smooth, I guess, but I had four fights in the first year I turned pro and that was me pushing it, but unfortunately I only had two last year and it looks like I'll only have two again this year."