Consecutive defeats against York City Knights and Bradford Bulls have, barring a miracle, condemned us to life in League One next season.

It is probably asking too much to think Widnes will lose all their fixtures, which include games versus Swinton and Dewsbury and it is also perhaps asking too much for us to turn over Toronto.

The visa situation means that four of our players with criminal records have no right of entry which reduces our chances further. I wonder how the Super League clubs will react if they can’t play their strongest teams?

Clearly, despite the best efforts of everyone connected to the club, we have fallen short of our own minimum requirements.

I am not one for making hasty decisions and we will sit down and have a full review of the season. The key thing is that we learn lessons and make the necessary improvements.

Whilst relegation will be a setback, the medium term aims are still centred on improving every area of the club.

We need some inventive thinking because we need to totally transform the club with positivity and a plan for an immediate return.

I look at the likes of York and see a club that has completely rebuilt themselves and I am convinced we have the potential to do likewise.

I see so many areas in the club that has potential for massive improvement, and with it increased income, that will allow us to compete so much better than we have done.

One of my key jobs is trying to define all the roles and responsibilities that will be necessary for the club’s growth. I then need to ensure that I have the right people involved with the club.

Enticing the right people, with the right credentials sharing my vision for the club is probably my most important task.

The job we do needs a massive amount of personal commitment so whoever we target, from within or outside our organisation, will have to share the passion for Barrow Raiders.

As a reminder, we have our AGM tomorrow in The Raiders Bar at 7pm. We will be presenting the accounts for the 2018 season, when we obviously went through a difficult financial period.

We did, however, come through that period and hopefully the final figures from that year will reveal a brighter picture.

I will also welcome any questions from the floor and hope to reassure our loyal fans of our growth aspirations and our immediate return to the Championship should our miracle fail to materialise.