‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ is an ancient Chinese proverb often trotted out at the beginning of a long journey.

I’m not sure whether even 2,500 years ago they would have been prepared for the rigours of the National League, but it certainly holds true as we reflect on our defeat in Wales at the weekend.

There was a lot to be positive about, mainly in the first half. We passed the ball and retained possession beautifully early on and had the Welsh side chasing shadows after we went ahead from a great cross and header from Josh Granite.

If we had taken our chances, we would have been out of sight at half-time, as we were in the same fixture last season. That’s football.

The defeat then clearly stung, as they flew out of the blocks in the second half and we struggled at points.

However, we’ve only won once at Wrexham since Churchill was Prime Minister, so perhaps a complete performance again was too much to hope for; although we battled away and a point would have been deserved.

But we certainly aren’t ‘Little old Barrow’ anymore either. Our style of play has not gone unnoticed elsewhere - this is both a challenge and a compliment.

I agree with Ian Evatt’s assessment that we are now a ‘scalp’ and also that we might be a bit light at the back, but are going to take our time getting the right person in, if we can.

That the manager understands that and has a positive, honest relationship with the board is one of many reasons to be cheerful, as is his good record with young players - few would have seen a disaffected Dan Jones as a potential gem or been able to bring in Rhys Norrington-Davies last term.

We’ve got good players in this current team who will shine too. For example, Joel Dixon stood out and as someone who thinks he reserves his best performances for on the road, I was delighted to see he showed his class in front of an excellent away following.

Another Chinese proverb says that: ‘There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view from the top is always the same’.

It’s time to get excited about our first home fixture tonight, stay positive and keep building on the optimistic atmosphere around the club as we hopefully begin that climb.

*A fantastic example of our achievements is the success of the 1901 Club, which has raised a fantastic amount of money for the club of over £17,000 towards the refurbishment of the West Terrace this summer, write’s Bluebirds Trust chairman Steve Herbert.

It’s another great example of club and Trust working as one.

When we set out a few months ago, as the Trust we wanted to promote and run the draw, as we felt we had the infrastructure and skills in place from the share contribution scheme and historical fund raising to do so.

It says a lot for those who run the club, day to day, that we were trusted and respected to take it on. Everyone who entered has made it succeed beyond any expectation.

This as it should be now, as the relationship between Trust and club is utterly changed for the better.

We own a portion of the club, we have an active director on the board, we are listened to and we have the opportunity to make changes.

With these rights come responsibilities and as fans we are really stepping up at the moment.

Given how we have forged ahead in the last ten months or so, I would back you all to be able to keep this momentum going as we progress.

*I‘ll be shamelessly using this column to get as much information across to you as I can.

Firstly, the Trust Shop is open for business tonight and Saturday on the Popular Side. Every penny counts, so please visit.

It was brilliant to see so many fans at Wrexham and we were delighted to run two buses. Steve Herbert had to abandon his wife at the airport to headed for Frodsham, where he met in the pleasant market town one of our supporters buses enjoying the excellent pubs.

The whole support seemed to be sampling Cheshire’s delights, one way or another, as we all left it late to head over the border.

As ever, Wrexham afforded a traditional welcome... It is always a joy, after a game there, to see the denizens of the local pub outside the ground. They were kind enough to assemble to wave us off. Much appreciated fellas.

Please book on for the trip to Stockport, we are filling up a second bus quickly and really want to get as many there as possible.

Bookings can be made via online at www.ticketor.com/bluebirdstrust; Text/Call: 07444026795, info@bluebirdstrust.co.uk by email or you can visit our shop on any home game.