Barrow AFC chairman Paul Hornby is delighted with how everyone came together at the club to improve the facilities at Holker Street, with so much being achieved during the off-season.

The stadium hosted six pre-season friendlies last month, which gave the Bluebirds the chance to trial run the new 'fan zone' on the site of the Western Terrace, which was flattened over the course of the summer.

They can expect more business when AFC have their first home National League fixture of the campaign next Tuesday when Harrogate Town travel across from Yorkshire.

Hornby has praised the work of the army of volunteers who worked on improving the stadium, while his co-owners Mark Hetherington and Kristian Wilkes both played a big part in driving on the work that took place.

He said: "I couldn't imagine one man taking this on and the fact is there are so many of us now, like investors and board members and everyone has a different role to play.

"Mark has been here daily and we've had Rob Graham, the general manager, here daily and Kristian Wilkes has started coming down when a lot of these jobs were nearing completion.

"The volunteers have done a massive amount of work - some of them worked 40-50 hours a week - but he [Wilkes] just threw some of his guys on the jobs, like the disabled area, the tunnel, and the players' showers."