It is a bumper night of boxing for the Furness area coming up this evening, with Barrow light heavyweight Mike McGoldrick returning from an eight-month absence from the ring to face Cambridge's Gianni Antoh.

Comebacks are the theme of the night at Bolton's Macron Stadium as McGoldrick's fellow Barrovian Ross Cooksey is making his after 11 months out, as he takes on Ricky Leach in his first fight under new trainer Johnney Roye

To complete the hat-trick, Ulverston's Ryan Watson is in his first professional bout since November 2017 when he comes up against Qasim Hussain.

Like those other two contests, McGoldrick's is over four founds, as he looks to make it four wins out of four since joining the professional ranks last year, although the 34-year-old admits he's going into the unknown.

McGoldrick said: "I don't know much about him, but he's got a couple of videos on Youtube. He's only had around six fights, I think, and I believe he's actually ranked above me at this point, purely because he's had more fights.

"I'm not expecting anything to be easy when I go in there, but I'm going to go in there, stamp my authority and try and show everyone that I can perform at a four-round level now, win comfortably and put in a good performance."

Having entered the professional ranks relatively late, McGoldrick has had to get used to balancing boxing with normal life, something he admits to be far more difficult than competing in the ring itself.

McGoldrick said: "I say this in every interview, but the boxing is the hard bit you do that makes your life outside of boxing a little bit harder.

"You've got the same commitments as other people, like family commitments, going on holiday, going out and Ross is a good example because he's just had a baby and Liam [Conroy] has just has a baby, so they've got all the same stuff that a normal person has got to cope with when they've just had a baby.

"They've also got to train every night, they've got to diet and they've got to make weight, plus they've got to be mentally prepared to have a fight."

Ahead of his bout, McGoldrick wishes to thank his sponsors Cumbria Strength and Conditioning, NC Meats, James Henry Tyson, Sub Plot Records and Furness Tiles and Flooring.