A TALENTED young BMX rider from Barrow is bidding to become a world champion.

Josh Dickinson discovered his love for cycling when he was just six years old.

Since then he has dedicated every spare waking minute to honing his skills and teaching himself new stunts and tricks.

The former St Bernard's pupil has suffered countless injuries, including a cut to his leg requiring 10 stitches, but has never allowed anything to stop him from getting back on the saddle.

"I love seeing people watch me show off my style," the 18-year-old said.

"That's all it's about for me; it's not about trying to make money out of it, it's about doing something I love and showing people what I can do."

Josh can often be seen doing a 'Surfer' trick on the streets of Barrow which involves him riding his BMX by standing with one foot on the saddle and the other on the handlebars.

Another of his favourites, a '360 Lucky Dip', is one he believes is a world first.

With the addition of BMX Freestyle to the Olympics from next year Josh's dream to become a world champion could one day become a reality.

For the first time in Olympics history the audience will see an adrenaline-fuelled mix of outrageous tricks and jumps taking place over a series of ramps and obstacles.

Riders will complete two one-minute runs each, looking to impress judges with the difficulty, originality, style, flow, risk, height and execution of their tricks.

"That would be a dream come true, if I was able to get to the stage where I can compete on an international level," Josh said.

"I'm going to be riding at the Nass Festival in July in Bath which is a big event in the BMX calendar."

Josh is a regular at Urban Extreme in James Freel Close where he has become a source of inspiration to the younger riders.

"I love being able to help the kids because with enough practice and commitment they can be whatever they want to be," he added.

"If you just believe in yourself you can do it."

nWatch a video of Josh showing off his skills at www.nwemail.co.uk