The Glaxo/Windermere Lake Cruises Ltd County Cup will be played on Sunday at Glaxo Bowling Club in Ulverston, with 48 bowlers in the draw.

The report times for the competition are as follows.

9am: J Benson, P Brown, C Johnson, R Lewis, D Mountford, S Peters, T Rhodes, T Richardson.

9:30am: P Curwen, D Kavanagh, R Moxham, B Parkinson, A Rigg, P Viney, S Viney, E Worsley.

10:15am: D Bell, M Curwen, D Edmonds, I France (Snr), A Houlden, N Jones, K Ogilvie, S Price.

11am: K Birkbeck, J Brannon, c D’Leny, S Fisher, M Johnson, G Maudsley, S McElroy, B Thornton.

11:45am: M Askew, D Jackson, G Jones, K Judge, P Lewis, M Simpson, K Toal, L Worsley.

12:30pm: B Caldwell, G Leatherland, D Kent, P Kissock, S Knott, D Nicholson, F Rigg, J Stewart.

The reserve list is made up of N McAlley, M Gilpin, D Staunton, D Graham, R Hall, A Slater, D Moore.