Pupils at Ormsgill Primary and Nursery School had the chance to play wheelchair basketball when they were visited by a Great Britain international.

The sessions were led by Carlisle's Nat Pattinson, who was part of Great Britain under-23’s victorious team at the 2017 World Championships. He has been visiting schools across Cumbria to teach children about the sport.

He started each session by talking to the pupils about disability awareness, as well as how to play wheelchair basketball and why it is a great sport for everyone to get involved in.

Nat, who was diagnosed with a rare bone condition at the age of seven which means he is a full-time wheelchair user, still plays for Team GB’s under 23s and has competed in the World Championships.

He said: “Since July 2018, I have visited 260 schools across Cumbria and the kids have absolutely loved it.

“I think it is really important that more disabled people get involved in sport, especially in schools. Wheelchair basketball allows children, disabled or abled, to participate in the same sport.”

Ray McBride, chairman of the Cumbrian Wheelchair Sports Club, has been working with children for eight years and said: “Once the kids get in the wheelchairs, it’s like they are all on a level playing field.

“You wouldn’t know who had a disability which is so important as it teaches them disability awareness.”

For more information about Cumbrian wheelchair sports visit www.cumbria-wheelchair-sports.co.uk or call 07827 447274