Another game, another loss; this time Sheffield were just that little bit too good in their purple spell after half time.

There were periods during the game when we more than matched the opposition but we didn’t put that 80-minute performance together.

This weekend’s game is massive. There is little doubt we are in a relegation dogfight. Every team must play each other one more time and the reality is that we must win two more games than Swinton.

If we assume that Swinton will pick up at least a couple more wins then I would say that we would need to get four wins as an absolute minimum and probably five to ensure survival.

Obviously, there is a chance of winning any game but realistically we probably have to target the teams around us. Rochdale, Swinton, Dewsbury and Batley, along with possibly Bradford, Leigh, Halifax or York at home, would give us our best chances.

There is not a lot of margin for error but no-one at the club is throwing in the towel. I think I said before the season started that the second year in a division for a promoted team is probably the hardest in terms of becoming established.

A promoted side comes up with momentum and that was true of us last year, but the reality was that in the second half of last year we only really beat the teams around us.

As a club, we still have an opportunity to put this right. Getting two more wins than Swinton is not beyond us and nor is a run in the 1895 Cup.

We have moved our Bradford fixture to Wednesday, June 5 and we think this is a massive opportunity to promote rugby league to a whole new audience with the number of BAE Systems visitors in the town during midweek.

Already we are selling our hospitality packages to some of the contract companies in the yard and we really need to get our supporters to help sell this game to any of the visitors you come across.

I might be accused of being delusional in light of our current run of form, but I really believe that we can progress one step further to Wembley.

Bradford play their Challenge Cup quarter-final on the Sunday prior to the game and I hope that both they and Halifax rip in to each other.

With ten days’ rest, we will be waiting for the Bulls with our own Wembley ambitions and a place in our quarter final.

The match is being streamed live on the Our League app, so if you can’t make the game then I would encourage you to download the app and sign up as supporter of Barrow as that helps our funding.

It’s a massive day for me off the pitch with my wedding day on Sunday so I’m going to miss the fixture against the Hornets, but the best wedding present would be for a big crowd cheering us to victory.