Windermere Warriors are emerging from a victorious season that saw them crowned champions of the RFU Women’s NC Lancashire Merit League and their club is part of a new initiative that is seeking to boost playing numbers.

The beginning of the summer marks the start of England Rugby's new 'Inner Warrior' campaign that is asking women to step out of their comfort zone with a fun introduction to rugby.

A 'Warrior Camp,' which are occurring across the country, will be taking place at Windermere Rugby Club's Dawes Meadow ground on Wednesday evening with the session lasting from 6:30pm until 8pm with beginners being encouraged to participate and try out a new sport, with women's rugby union in England continuing to grow.

The club are also encouraging women to bring a friend and experience rugby in a fun and friendly environment. The Warrior Camp offers an introduction to the basic skills of rugby through team-based activities that foster bonds between participants.

Former England international Vicky Macqueen said: “Rugby is a team sport and so the teamwork and camaraderie that comes with that is awesome for confidence and a sense of belonging.

"The physical benefits are brilliant too, you will get stronger, leaner, faster and healthier and this in turn has a positive impact on your mental health.

"Rugby makes you feel good about yourself, especially after the endorphins released from playing the game.

“I owe many friendships, personal achievements and my physical fitness and health to the sport of rugby, and I am all about inspiring more and more people to pick up a ball and give it a try.”

Windermere Warriors claimed their title from their final game of the season, as they defeated nearest rivals Colne & Nelson 28-24 to finish five points clear at the top with a record of eight games and two losses from what was a fantastic season.

RFU director of rugby development Steve Grainger said: “Inner Warrior has proven to be a great success and we are excited for women to have the opportunity to get involved and try something new and exciting at our Warrior Camps based at their local rugby clubs."