Barrow ABC's Cameron McBain was narrowly defeated on a split decision against a local fighter in Bolton last weekend, as he gave another impressive showing in front of several family members.

McBain, who also plays rugby league for Roose Pioneers, was up against P. Mbami, who represents Metro ABC, and the two went toe-to-toe across all three rounds with Mbami just about getting the decision after an absorbing contest.

There were three generations of McBain's family cheering their boy on, with his dad, younger brother, uncle and grandfather all in attendance.

Such was the closeness of the fight, McBain and Mbami could end up facing each other again.

Barrow ABC coach Jeff Moses said: "Straight away we wanted to sort out a rematch, which we'll be sorting out at another venue. He always works hard and trains hard does Cameron.

"The other lad took the first round and Cameron just thought he wasn't having that and came back into it.

"He's a good rugby league lad as well, so he's got that little ingredient of just upping the pace when he needs to and that's what he did in the next two rounds, but obviously the judges saw it as a spilt.

"You've just got to accept it for what it is.

"His grandad went, his dad went, his brother went and his uncles went, so it was like a little McBain clan."

Despite the loss, Moses believes McBain did himself proud in front of his family and he has a couple more of his fighters in action towards the end of the month.

Super heavyweight James Braithwaite and Will Hinde will be taking to the ring at Kendal Town Hall against as yet unnamed opponents.