Ulverston’s Glaxo Bowling Club will be hosting the Glaxo/Lecks Pairs competition on Sunday, May 19.

The report times, which have had to be revised after a couple of pairs unfortunately dropped out, for the 32 pairs that will now be taking part in the tournament are as follows.

9:30 am: J Stewart & partner, D Mountford & D Thompson, C Atkinson & partner, D Hourian & partner, B Thompson & partner, M Askew & K Knowles, M Fieldhouse & R Moxham, I France (Snr) & R May, E Worsley & L Worsley, K Toal & C D’Leny.

10.30 am: R Lewis & partner, S Peters & S Smith, T Rhodes & T Brown, M Curwen & partner, D Staunton & D Graham, N McLeod (Jnr) & S McElroy, J Benson & partner, D Leach & partner.

11.15 am: D Cryer & partner, G Leatherland & partner, D Kent & partner, J Richardson & partner, C Knipe & partner, P Brown & M Speight, D Dickenson & partner, N McAlly & partner.

12pm: I Harrison & partner, P Finn & B Harding, D Bell & S Viney, B Lowden & partner, P Viney & T Peake, G Hill & D Nicholson.

The competition is sure to be fiercely contested, with some of the best bowlers in the area converging on Glaxo Bowling Club in just over a week’s time.