Barry Lowden and Emma Thornton emerged victorious in the final of the King Alfred Mixed Pairs on Easter Monday, as they comfortably defeated Steve and Caroline Bushell in the final.

On a warm spring day and on a perfect playing surface, many of the county’s top bowlers, male & female, paired up to lock horns.

En route to the final, King Alfred pairing Lowden and Thornton had wins over Ian and Ann France, Kev and Rene Rooney, Ian McDonald and Wendy Holmes and in the semi-final Billy Thompson and Dot Evans.

With Caroline leading impeccably all afternoon for the Bushells, the husband-and-wide combo defeated Yvonne Clarke and Paul Knott, Dave Leach and Jackie Knott, John Reilly and Wendy Bowes and in the semi, Jonny Richardson and Amy Wrathall.

After a semi-final win of 21-1, Lowden and Thornton were obviously on a high and continued this form into the final. With Thornton playing her trademark corners and Barry consistently playing immaculate second bowls, the Bushells were always playing catch up and Lowden and Thornton took the trophy at 21-7.


Barry Lowden & Emma Thornton 21 Billy Thompson & Dot Evans 1,

Steve & Caroline Bushell 21 Jonny Richardson & Amy Wrathall 15.


Barry Lowden & Emma Thornton 21 Steve & Caroline Bushell 7.